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Hoje em Dia, Nowadays

Today is a television program Brazilian produced by Rede Record , inspired by the shape of the U.S. program Good Morning America that mixes journalism, news, services and entertainment premiered on August 22 of 2005which will air Monday through Saturday . It is presented daily by Celso Zucatelli , Chris Flores , Edu Guedes , Gianne Albertoni and Amanda Françozo of São Paulo , Mariana Lion of Rio de Janeiro and Natalia Guimaraes of Belo Horizonte . The program aims to inform and shape public opinion.
The program ends for all Brazil, the 12h, which begins the Balance Sheet for several squares, except for São Paulo where he begins the News Record of Luciana Liviero . Previously the program only went from 12 hours to three capitals: it was shut down at 12:15 pm for Rio Grande do Sul, 12.45 to 13.15 and Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo.


After hiring Claudete Trojans who presented the note and note the Bandeirantes network , the grid morning of Rede Record ran the risk of becoming empty. To prevent this from happening, the pilot of a new electronic journal was recorded at the station, was the birth of Hoje em Dia . Initially, it would be presented by Ana Hickmann , Marcelo Rezende and Edu Guedes , however, differences between the issuer and Rao, made the journalist to terminate his contract and was later hired by RedeTV! to present a new television news broadcaster in the RedeTV! News.
Rede Record executives resorted to another member of his cast of journalists, Rodolpho Gamberini , who then presented the edition of News . A new pilot was shot and everything went well, but another twist happened: Raul Gil , show's namesake on Saturday afternoons of the station, has signed a contract with Rede Bandeirantes, causing a large space to stay open on Saturdays (the program lasted more than 4 hours). Gamberini was hastily summoned to debut a new television news alongside Adriana Reid , the SP Record , since negotiations with the presenters to View All , Amorim and Patricia Maldonado , for an edition on Saturday had not walked.

Ticiane Pinheiro.

Chris Flores.

Edu Guedes.

Natalia Guimaraes.

Kelly Key.

Amanda Françozo.
Soon after, Britto Jr was hired by the broadcaster to present the program. He came from Globo , which featured the SPTV , a local television news. Again, a pilot was recorded and finally the situation is right. The program went live on August 22 of2005.
By 2006, Patricia Maldonado is employed by the program to replace Ana Hickmann during your vacation.
On 2007the program was more a host, reporter Chris Flores , who was a columnist for the program, but before the program took it as a presenter sets, she was like a trial period, only in 2009Christiana Flores officially became part of the cast presenters.
From September 2007 the Day Today won in a Saturday edition dubbed nowadays especially . The program was originally presented by Adriana Reid , Celso Zucatelli, Chris Flores and Edu Guedes.
In October 2007, Ticiane Pinheiro and Alexandre Frota present the Day Today in replacing Ana Hickmann and Britto Jr. , who was presenting the game show The Player.
In November 2007, Pinheiro Ticiane leave temporarily the command of today to participate in the reality show Simple Life: Changing Life.
In November 2007, Gerard Louis is named for the program to the presenters will give the welcome to network, before the journalist starts to present the Balance Sheet SP . During the month, Geraldo hosted the program until the day December 3, 2007, the day of debut of the Balance Sheet.
Since 2008the program was new studios in Rio de Janeiro , and thus to be presented simultaneously in both cities. In Rio, the presentation was in charge of Mariana Leon.
In the month of February 2008 to Saturday edition is now presented by Britto Junior substuição to Celso Zucatelli who was then a correspondent for Rede Record in New York.
In the month of June 2008 the program will count on the presentation of Cavallini and Celso Pinheiro Ticiane replacing Britto Júnior and Ana Hickmann.
In the month of July 2008, Ticiane Pinheiro is removed from the program due to her pregnancy with businessman Roberto Justus.
In July, Eduardo Ribeiro is to present the program to replace Britto Junior.
In July 2008 the Special Day Today, is again presented by Britto Jr., Ana Hickmann, Chris Flores and Edu Guedes.
In May 2009, Britto was replaced by Celso Junior Zucatelli because its output to show the reality show The Farm , apparently Britto to lodge the program after the program ends, which did not occur, the directors believe it would be better Britto devote himself solely to the new program and provide an opportunity for Zucatelli.
The Saturday edition is replayed on Sunday by the News Record from 10:30.
The table "Battle Of The Stars" aired on Today at Special Day Saturday is recorded in the late afternoon of Wednesday , in time that is showing the woodpecker.
In July 2009, Ana Hickmann is present the program Everything Is Possible , replacing Eliana who went to the SBT , which makes its presence more missing in the editions of Today In Day on August 12 , 2009, Gianne Albertoni was hired by the Network Record to integrate the program staff.
In September 2009, Amanda Françozo is contracted to present the program on Saturdays and Sundays.
In September 2009, the Day Today wins in one edition for Sunday , which was also dubbed in Special Day Today . The program was originally presented by Edu Guedes Amanda Françozo , Carol Magalhães and Celso Zucatelli.
On September 11, 2009, Kelly Clarkson signed with Record and will initially provide a framework in the program today in Day on Sunday.
On September 27, 2009, the issue goes down Sunday on Today's Special Day, due to low ratings. Instead, came the Cine Special Record . First, it should be displayed only day to celebrate the birthday of Rede Record and director Vildomar Baptist , and the opening of the portal R7 . However, the session won great audience and the program was abolished. Kelly Clarkson, presenter of the Today in Special Day Sunday , has not submitted the program, but his contract is still valid with the program . Then, instead aired a special session , and later the Sunday Adventure.
On September 28, 2009, Vildomar Batista, director of programs At the present day , nowadays especially, Brazil Geraldo , Anything is Possible, Balance Sheet and The Best of Brazil 's Record , who never showed his face on television , it crosses the Catwalk Rede Record 45 meters tall with clean face, showing him for the whole Brazil and more than 140 countries by the International Record . Vildomar signed a document written by Edu Guedes in August 2009, saying that if the Pestalozzi , a Rede Record campaign, which helps children with visual impairments, physical, mental, hearing and smell, could raise U.S. $ 3,000,000, he Crossing the bridge of S's live broadcast and show your face on TV for the first time.
In July 2009, rumors spread that Luisa Mell present the program 2010. The end of news "seems" that occurred in November when the model went into negotiations with the Band . Currently, there is no news of that fact.
In October 2009, Mauro Ribeiro is hired by Rede Record to replace Edu Guedes on Saturdays and when the cooking is unavailable. The program debuted on 4 November 2009 and the news was made on the blog Fabiola Reipert official website of Rede Record.
The Day Today, also has two blocks known as news Today in Day News in the program Monday through Friday, by Celso Zucatelli . The first block is displayed from 9:30 am to 9:55 pm by Celso Zucatelli Studios' Hoje em Dia and Fabio Ramalho of news writing from Rio de Janeiro . The second, is displayed only to Sao Paulo from 11:55 noon by Celso Zucatelli the studios of today and by Luciana Liviero Studios' Record News in Sao Paulo , which is displayed after the block.
On 11 January 2010, the program gained new studios in Belo Horizonte , being presented simultaneously in three cities. In Belo Horizonte, the presentation is the former Miss Brazil Natalia Guimaraes.
As cast, the program has Gustavo Sarti, host of the framework Fashion Workshop , Cissa Camargo, who makes commercials Tecnomania Liviero and Luciana, who begins to give into the news today in Day
One of the famous attractions of the program is part of the Pasarela , where artists (usually participants in Farm and presenters) are challenged to cross a footbridge radical nearly fifty feet high to make a cash payment exceeding $ 5,000. The picture presented by Celso Cavallini.
Each presenter takes a role in the program. Gianne Albertoni fashion shows, Chris Flores talks about celebrities, Celso Zucatelli takes the news and Edu Guedes prepare recipes, one part of the program that most pleases the female audience.

presenters and reporters

Celso Zucatelli (since 2009)
Chris Flores (since 2007)
Edu Guedes (since 2005)
Gianne Albertoni (since 2009)
Mariana Leon (Rio de Janeiro) (since 2008)
Natália Guimarães (Belo Horizonte) (since 2010)

any Presenters
Ticiane Pinheiro (since 2007)
Amanda Françozo (since 2009)
Mauro Ribeiro (since 2009)
Carolina Magalhães (since 2009)
Ana Paula Neves (since 2009)
Nathália Arcuri (since 2010)
Roberta Piza

already presented the program
Adriana Reid (2008)
Alexandre Frota (2008)
Ana Hickmann (2005 - 2009)
Britto Junior (2005 - 2009)
Eduardo Ribeiro (2008)
Gerard Louis (2007)
Patricia Maldonado (2005)
[Edit ]Report
Adriana Rao
Agda Queiroz
Amanda Françozo
Amin Khader
Ana Paula Neves
Anne Volpe
Carlos Lopez
Carol Magalhães
Carolina Souto
Caroline Keller
Celso Cavallini
Celso Zucatelli
Cissa Campbell
Christina Berndt
Emerson Branch
Franciely Freduzeski
Fabio Arruda
Fernanda Braga
Fabiana Teixeira
Gianne Albertoni
Gustavo Sarti
Kelly Key
Lucy Smith
Maira Lemo
Mariana Leon
Miro Moreira
Nathalia Arcuri
Natalia Guimaraes
Renata Cordeiro
Rosana Cardin
Vinicius Vieira


Today was elected the best program directed at the female by the São Paulo Association of Art Critics Award for Quality and Brazil in 2007. [2] Britto Jr. , Ana Hickmann and Edu Guedes also received the Quality Award of Brazil the best presenters of the program with theme female.

The Day Today, with the departure of Ana Hickmann has been falling in the audience . The program was about 35 minutes in the lead with Ana Hickmann, Now the program is only between 5 and 10 minutes in the lead. The program is presented by Chris Flores , Celso Zucatelli , Gianne Albertoni and Edu Guedes.

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