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Jordi Évol

Évol Jordi Requena 1,( Cornella de Llobregat , Barcelona , July 21 in 1974), known as The noisemaker is a comedian and writer of television Spanish . Currently working in the program Buenafuente , presents the Bran , in the TV station La Sexta , and writes a small column in the Catalan daily Mundo Deportivo.


He was born on July 21 of 1974the municipality of Barcelona in Cornella de Llobregat . Her mother is the Grenadian people of albums. He studied at the school room key Hospitalet de Llobregat and audiovisual communication at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona . He began working as an announcer at football matches in the program regional Catalunya Carousel of Radio Barcelona , under the command of Manuel Segura. He worked on the news of Telecinco and the Cadena SER , although television was their first contact local television Vilamoura , Vilamoura Television. His career started in 2000the sign as a writer for La Cosa Nostra , a program that Andreu had at the Catalan autonomous network TV3 . Since then it belongs to the staff of The Terrat . He is a collaborator, deputy director and screenwriter of the program of The Sixth Buenafuente and plays one of his most famous, The noisemaker , being well known by the name of this character.
His work in Buenafuente allowed to present a program for the chain, Bran , in which chapters were made as Saved by the campaign , dedicated to the electoral campaign for the 2008 general elections in Spain , or the Church Saved by , Saved by the Euro and Saved by the bulls . With the start of the second season, on October 19, 2008, abandoned its thematic and went on to be issued weekly.
Jordi Évol also works in the newspaper Mundo Deportivo and theatrical works in the whole pack Terrat with Andreu , José Corbacho and Berto Romero , where he monologues on stage and make speeches. Terrat pack toured throughout Spain.

The noisemaker

The noisemaker is the popular character played by Jordi Evol. His first appearance was in the program a thing altra Catalan regional chain TV3 where its popularity led him to parody in a book, " Yo, Follo . This character became one of the best known of the program, even taking his section Follo-nero . In Buenafuente , this character is based on simulating an anonymous person from the public, "the false public voice, a critical spontaneous course of the program and today. At 2008, Jordi Évol also went on to play this character in Saved , a comedy show presented by him in The Sixth.

Currently the noisemaker has its own sections within the program Bran , which makes reports and interviews. In other programs, also conducted interviews Évol Jordi playing the noisemaker.

Featured Interviews
On one occasion, the noisemaker done an interview with the then Defence Minister of Spain , Jose Bono , in his own private car, asking for his accent.
In 2005, The journalist interviewed noisemaker Susanna Griso , who pretended to have had romantic relationships, to provide that touch the ear for the information if he wanted a date with him. Journalists Roberto Arce and José Antonio Luque touched the ear on the same information.2
In 2006came to disrupt the gala centennial of the newspaper Mundo Deportivo only to congratulate him on his birthday the Prince of Asturias , Felipe de Borbón , loudly singing "Happy Birthday."
Another joke Jordi Évol The noisemaker was playing in Venezuela in 2007, where he tried to interview the president, Hugo Chavez , and give you a gift. This almost came to cause serious problems with the police Chavez and his government.2
The performance of Jarabe de Palo
In one of his appearances on A thing altra , a gag prepared, Jordi Évol noisemaker stopped playing the live performance of Pau Dones ( Jarabe de Palo ) to argue that he always sang the same. The noisemaker was made famous in this gag, in which he shouted as follows (translated from Catalan):
"What's that? The new disc? It is business as usual, man. I always do the same, forty years doing the same. From La Flaca do nothing, man. "
The scene was repeated in the national zappings. In 2005, already in Antena 3 , Pau Dones visited the program Buenafuente , where the presenter, Andreu Buenafuente , apologized and the apology noisemaker sang a version of La Flaca . Finally embraced and declared a major supporter of the group.


La Cosa Nostra ( 1999), writer and actor.
Altra Cosa A ( 2002), writer and actor.
Buenafuente , deputy director, screenwriter and actor.
Not surti d 'here
Bran ( 2008-), presenter.

Turia Awards 2008 : winner of the Egg of Columbus.
Ondas Award 2008 for innovation or quality television by Saved by the Bell.

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