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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rutgers University student

Rutgers University student organizations

Rutgers University hosts over 700 student organizations, covering a wide range of interests. Governed and funded by student government, students can organize groups for any political ideology or issue, ethnic or religious affiliation, academic subject, activity, or hobby. Notable student groups include the Daily Targum, the second oldest collegiate newspaper in the United States, established in 1869, the Philoclean Society, a literary society, the Rutgers University Glee Club a male choral singing group established in 1872 among the oldest in the country, as well as the Rutgers University Debate Union.

Rutgers University Student Assembly

Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) is the overarching student government at Rutgers University. RUSA acts as the voice of all Rutgers students and is composed of delegates from the local campus councils, professional school councils, and several special interest groups. The councils that fall under RUSA's umbrella include the College Avenue Council (5), the Busch Campus Council (5), the Livingston Campus Council (5), the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences / Cook Council (5), the Douglas Governing Council (5), the Engineering Governing Council (4), the University College Council (4), the Pharmacy Governing Council (2), the Rutgers Business Governing Association (2), and the Mason Gross Governing Council (2). Each campus council sends 5 delegates to RUSA, while the professional school councils send a number proportionate to their school size. In addition the following organizations send one (1) delegate: the Board of Governors (student representative), the Board of Trustees (student representative), the Off Campus Student Association, the Asian Student Council, the United Black Council, the Latino Student Council, the Queer Caucus, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, the Equal Opportunity Fund, and the Residence Hall Association.
The Council of Presidents is an congregation of the presidents of each of the council and professional school councils that sets the agenda for RUSA and acts as the chief brain tank of student governance at Rutgers.
In addition to this large assembly, a side branch of RUSA contains the Allocations Board. This board of students allocates student fees to the 300+ student groups at Rutgers. In order to receive funding all of these groups must follow guidelines set forth by RUSA.
The executive board is internally elected by RUSA and includes the positions of Chair/President, Vice-Chair, Treasurer (an ex-officio member of the Allocations Board), Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Parliamentarian. The President of RUSA is charged not only with the duty of chairing any RUSA and Council of President meetings but also acting on behalf of all Rutgers University students. On April 30, 2009 the Assembly elected Werner Born, from the Engineering Governing Council, President and Chair of RUSA.
Executive Board Position (2010-2011) Name
President Yousef J. Saleh
Vice President Matthew Cordeiro
Treasurer Anthony Weigand
Corresponding Secretary Rick Zultner
Recording Secretary Rebecca Pero
Parliamentarian Jorge Casalins
Term President Local Council
Present Yousef J. Saleh College Ave. Campus Council
2009-2010 Werner Born Engineering Governing Council
2008-2009 Christopher Keating College Avenue Campus
2007-2008 Jim Kline College Avenue Campus
Rutgers University Student Assembly
[edit]Rutgers Residence Hall Association

The Rutgers University Residence Hall Association (RHA) is an organization designed to serve the residential population of Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway. As stated in the RHA constitution, "the mission of this organization shall be to celebrate the unique campus residential cultures while bringing together the larger New Brunswick/Piscataway residential community. RHA will provide education, service, and social programming, as well as leadership development opportunities and serve as the voice of the residential population by acting as advocates for change."
RHA is composed of the RHA Executive Board, Cook/Douglass Residential Council, College Ave. Residential Council, Busch Residential Council, and Livingston Residential Council. The RHA Executive Board is composed of the President, Vice President, Advocacy Director,Internal Affairs Director,Programming Director, National Communications Coordinator, and the four Chairs of each Residential Council.
The Residential Councils consist of their respective Chairs, Vice Chairs, and RHA Representatives (one elected from each residence hall, apartment complex, or suite complex each).
Each campus is composed of several smaller groups consisting of members of each residence hall, apartment complex, and suite complex. Each hall, apartment, and suite have Hall Council governments designed to serve a specific target group - their own buildings. The Hall Councils each elect a Hall President, Hall Vice President, Hall Secretary, Hall Treasurer, and an RHA Representative.
Executive Board Position (2009 - 2010) (2010 - 2011)
President Sam Firmin Ryan Harrington
Vice President Carina Sitkus Monisha Shivakumar
Director of Internal Affairs Becca Heller Sean Matteo
Director of Programming Natalia Jakucki Kunal Patel
Director of Public Relations Matthew Kirson (Spring 2010)
Jared Trachtenberg (Fall 2009) Matthew Kirson
Director of Advocacy Ryan Harrington Frederick Grant Whelpy III
National Communications Coordinator Chelsea Hudson David Osworth
Secretary David Osworth (Spring 2010)
Kenny Disbrow (Fall 2009) Sammy Zand
Treasurer Monisha Shivakumar Janki Parikh
Cook/Douglass Residential Council Chair Steven Le Rachel Waldorf
Cook Residential Council Vice Chair Alexandra Menillo Michael Maniscalco
Douglass Residential Council Vice Chair Julia Freire (Spring 2010)
Shalini Sinha (Fall 2009) Deebee Ukah
College Ave. Residential Council Chair Rebecca Lemmel Greg Shapiro
College Ave. Residential Council Vice Chair Greg Shapiro Danit Weiner
Busch Residential Council Chair Rohan Thakkar Madiha Aziz
Busch Residential Council Vice Chair Madiha Aziz Prachi Baodhankar
Livingston Residential Council Chair Lisa Tran (Spring 2010)
Alex Pugh (Fall 2009) Albert Maya
Livingston Residential Council Vice Chair Seth Richards (Spring 2010)
Lisa Tran (Fall 2009) Jason Stafford
[edit]Other Governing and Programming Associations

SEBS Governing Council
Graduate Student Association
Newark College of Arts & Sciences Student Governing Association
Rutgers University of Camden Student Government
Rutgers University Senate
Rutgers University Programming Association
Mason Gross Student Government Association
[edit]Newspapers, magazines and other media

The Daily Targum is the official student newspaper of Rutgers University, published daily Monday through Friday while classes are in session, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Founded in 1869, it is the second oldest collegiate newspaper in the United States.(
The Johnsonville Press is a weekly online journal which focuses on alternative, subjective news and opinions regarding the ongoing activities of the Rutgers University and New Brunswick communities. (
The Green Print is the official weekly newspaper of the Cook Campus, founded in the 1960s featuring environmental, general and entertainment news as well as a fine arts section.
The Rutgers Centurion is a monthly conservative magazine. (
The Medium is a satire newspaper at Rutgers.(
Rutgers Review is a bi-weekly arts and entertainment newspaper (
Caellian is a paper printed from Douglass College, the all-female residential college at Rutgers.
RLC-WVPH is a freeform student-operated radio station. (90.3FM The Core)
WRSU-FM is a faculty-operated radio station. (
RU-tv, the Rutgers University Television Network. The network is a predominantly student run organization that monitors on-campus television and features many student produced programs such as Wake Up Rutgers, Inside Rutgers, SportsKnight, and Academic Review Sessions.
The Anthologist A literary journal.
Objet d'Art Literary, Arts, & Culture magazine
Black Voice/Carta Latina
Hanwoori - The Korean-American Newsletter at Rutgers
[edit]Secret organizations

Throughout its history, Rutgers has had several secret societies on campus, including the Brotherhood of the Golden Dagger (1898-1940), Sword and Serpent (1872), Casque and Dagger (1901) and Cap and Skull (1900-1969, 1982-present). Only Cap and Skull and Order of the Bull's Blood are still in operation. However, Cap and Skull is now university-sanctioned, has shed much of its secrecy, and is a general society.
[edit]Honorary organizations

Cap and Skull is a senior-year society at Rutgers University, founded on 18 January 1900. (
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Honors Society
Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity - ΦΣΠ
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity
Phi Beta Kappa Liberal Arts Honors Society
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
Alpha Zeta Agriculture Honors Society
[edit]Community service

The fraternities and sororities organize the Rutgers University Dance Marathon to fundraise for local charities. (
Rutgers Readers is an organization that sends students into local schools to read with young students (
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children - the Rutgers chapter is just one of the many college chapters around the country for the national organization ()
[edit]Academic clubs and organizations

The Philoclean Society, founded in 1825 one of the oldest collegiate literary societies in the United States, and among the oldest student organizations at Rutgers University.
The Rutgers University Debate Union (
Academic Team
Biochemistry Club
HP Agora
Society of Physics Students
Society of Women Engineers
Society of Hispanic Engineers
Undergraduate Anthropology Club
Undergraduate Geographic Society
Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists
Multiplayer Gaming League
Outdoors Club
Student Linux User Group
Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society
Rutgers Formula Racing
Rutgers Solar Car Team
Rutgers Veterinary Science Club
[edit]Political organizations

[edit]Political party affiliated groups
Rutgers College Republicans (
Rutgers Democrats ([2])
Rutgers Libertarians([3])
Green Party
The Young Americans for Liberty at Rutgers University
[edit]Activism and issue advocacy groups
American Muslim Affairs Committee
Amnesty International
Association of International Relations
Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Rutgers University
Culture Jam: Students Against Excessive Consumerism
Humans Against Meat
Institute for Domestic & International Affairs
The Mason Gross Project
Rutgers Against the War(RAW)
Students for a Free Tibet
Rutgers Take Back the Night
Tent State University
[edit]Cultural or religious organizations

[edit]Ethnic organizations
Argentinian Student Association
Asian Student Council
Association of Indians at Rutgers
Bengali Students Association
Black Student Union
Cantonese Club
Central and South American Alliance
Chinese Dance Troupe
Chinese Student Organization
German Club
Hellenic Cultural Association
International Students Association
Japanese Cultural Association
Karaoke Club
Korean Cultural Group
Korean Students Association
Latino Student Council
Lebanese American Students of Rutgers University
Rutgers Organization of Nippon Students
Rutgers Association of Philippine Students
Rutgers Taiwanese American Student Association
Turkish Student Association
Union of Cuban American Students
Vietnamese Student Association
[edit]Religious organizations
Korea Campus Crusade for Christ
Rutgers Hillel, founded in 1943, is a chapter of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, serving an estimated 5,500 Jewish students with a purpose to "enrich the lives of Jewish undergraduate and graduate students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world." (
Bahá'í Campus Association of Rutgers University
Campus Crusade for Christ
Catholic Students Association
Chabad Jewish Student Organization
Christians on Campus
Chinese Christian Fellowship[dead link]
Coptic Orthodox Fellowship
Filipinos in Christ
Indian Christian Fellowship
Intervarsity Multi-Ethnic Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity Rutgers Graduate Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity Rutgers Christian Fellowship[dead link]
Islamic Society at Rutgers University[dead link]
Korean Christian Fellowship
Manna Ministries
RU Pagan Student Association
Resurrection Ministries[dead link]
Rutgers University Sikhs
Rutgers Pastafarians
[edit]Performing arts groups

[edit]Dance Groups
Performing Dance Company
Tap Troupe
[edit]Music Performance Groups
[edit]Choral Ensembles
Kirkpatrick Choir - a mixed choir made up of mainly music majors and non-music majors who are exceptional vocalists. Their repertoire represents all areas of choral masterworks, sacred and secular, as well as both significant a cappella music and major works with orchestra. Currently under the direction of Dr. Patrick Gardner.
Rutgers University Glee Club - an all-male choir founded in 1872 and the eighth-oldest college glee club in the United States of America. Currently under the direction of Dr. Patrick Gardner. (
University Choir - a larger mixed ensemble which performs standard choral repertory. Currently under the direction of Professor Mark A. Boyle.
Voorhees Choir - an all-female choir established out of Douglass College in 1927. Currently under the direction of Professor Barbara Retzko.
[edit]Instrumental Ensembles
Wind Ensemble - one of the leading wind bands in the United States. The ensemble presents concerts at the highest artistic level, and has recorded a number of compact discs. Currently under the direction of Dr. William Berz.
Symphony Band - Standard and contemporary literature for wind band. Currently under the direction of Professor Darryl Bott.
University Orchestra - performs an ambitious concert series each year. The Orchestra's concerts include symphonies by Berlioz, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Vaughan Williams, and Mahler, and orchestral showpieces by Smetana, Elgar, Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky, and Bartok. Currently under the direction of Professor Kynan Johns.
Sinfonia - An orchestra of undergraduate students and talented players from the Rutgers community. Currently under the direction of Professor Kynan Johns.
Concert Band - Transcriptions of orchestral works and standard band literature. Currently under the direction of Professor Timothy Smith.
Rutgers University Marching Band - founded in 1915, currently under the direction of Professor Timothy Smith.
[edit]Other Ensembles
Collegium Musicum - a small ensemble dedicated to the performance of Renaissance music. Currently under the direction of Dr. Andrew Kirkman.
HELIX! - Premiering contemporary music.
Jazz Ensemble - Training high-caliber jazz musicians since 1971.
Opera At Rutgers - Opera at Rutgers prepares students for the world of professional opera. Each year a full opera production is mounted. Opera Workshop performs fully-staged scenes programs. Opera At Rutgers also hosts outreach programs and Master Classes with renowned artists.
Percussion Ensemble
[edit]Theatrical groups
College Avenue Players (
Livingston Theatre Company (
Cabaret Theatre (
Film & Theatre Alliance
A 4 Effort (Improv Comedy)
[edit]A cappella singing groups
Deep Treble - Rutgers first co-ed a cappella group, founded in 1998. In 2001 and 2007, the ensemble advanced to the ICCA Finals held at Lincoln Center in New York City, and in 2004 it placed 3rd in the Northeast Regional Semi-Finals. (
The OrphanSporks - Rutgers' second co-ed a cappella group, founded in 1999. In its first year of competition in 2010, The OrphanSporks won 1st place at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) Quarter-Finals and won 2nd place at the Northeast Regional Semi-Finals held at Rutgers University.
Casual Harmony - Rutgers first and only award-winning all-male a cappella group, founded in 2003. (
ShockWave - Rutgers only award-winning, all-female a cappella group, founded in 2004.
Kol HaLayala - Rutgers Jewish A Cappella Group
First Light (a cappella)
[edit]Greek life

Main article: Rutgers University Greek organizations
Rutgers University is home to chapters of many Greek organizations, and a significant percentage of the undergraduate student body is active in Greek life. Several Fraternities and sororities fraternities and sororities mainain houses for their chapters in the area of Union Street (known familiarly as "Frat Row") in New Brunswick within blocks of Rutgers' College Avenue Campus.
Chapters of Zeta Psi and Delta Phi organized at Rutgers as early as 1845. Presently, there are over fifty fraternities and sororities on the New Brunswick-Piscataway campus, ranging from traditional to historically African-American, Hispanic, Multicultural and Asian-interest organizations. Greek organizations are governed by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. The New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University has a chapter of the only active co-ed Pre-medical Fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon, as of 2008.Twelve organizations currently maintain chapters in New Brunswick without sanction by the University's administration.


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