Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve National Speech

The tradition of the National Christmas 
The Christmas Eve National Speech or Discurso Nacional de S.M el Rey is broadcast by King Juan Carlos I to Spain every Christmas since 1975. The speech is aired by all the Spanish TV channels.

Recurrent topics

King Juan Carlos I usually refers to the main problems of the nation, such as ETA. In 2004, the speech was highly related to 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings; in 2006 he talked about the need to become a united nation against terrorism (in implicit support of Zapatero's anti-terrorist policies), and he mentioned the increasing force of immigrants in Spain and appreciated their contribution to the economy.

In popular culture

The speech starts every year with the phrase "La reina y yo" (The Queen and I). This is commonly considered the King's main catchphrase and as such it has been parodied by media. A comic strip in the El Jueves magazine about Monarchy takes his title from this.
The King's speech has been parodied in many TV shows such as Buenafuente.
Mariano Rajoy's speech on the occasion of Fiesta Nacional de España was criticized by the left because it seemed too similar to the King's Christmas speech. Rajoy's message was delivered from a chair, near the flag of Spain, and in a medium shot, just like the royal speeches usually are.

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