Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas wish list,More rain on farmers

Christmas wish list,More rain on farmers,
The weekend's rain was welcome news for farmers, although some areas will still take a long time to recover from drought even if more rain follows, Federated Farmers says.

Everything was dependent on a change in the weather pattern and a regular supply of rain was needed, not just irregular dumps, spokesman David Rose said tonight.

"While the weekend rain is welcome, this dry season will dramatically affect our farmers' profitability. Some are selling stock early, buying in supplementary feed and reducing their herds to once-a-day milking."

The last serious drought, in 2008-2009, cost the national economy $2.8 billion.

There was a lot of summer yet to come and more regular rainfall was on every farmer's New Year's and Christmas wish list, he said.


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