Friday, December 24, 2010

Norad Santa and Christmas Greetings

With December 24th already here users on the popular social media site are sending Christmas Greetings to their fellow tweeters and also searching for Santa with the Norad Santa tracking. The terms “norad santa tracker 2010,” “norad,” “santa tracker 2010,” “santa tracker,” “norad santa tracker 2010 official site,” “where is santa claus right now,” “where is santa,” “santa tracker,” “track santa claus,” “tracking santa claus” “christmas quotes,” “christmas greetings,” “christmas wishes,” “christmas cards,” “christmas message” are all over the major cities and worldwide trending topics list on Here are what so fellow Clevelanders have to say about these trending topics.

“I’ve been using the Norad Santa tracker,” says Bonnie of Cleveland. “Since my kids woke up this morning I’ve been getting the constant question, can you take santa? Where is santna?”

“I ended up waiting until the last minute to get my Christmas cards out so I just sent my Christmas message through email,” says Kevin of Cleveland.

“I’m broke this year, so I ended up sending my Christmas message through email,” says Patrick of Cleveland.

Kristieackert Got an internet video Christmas greetings from the Jets. It was very nice, but I was hesitant to open it in front of mom.

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