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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Children Life project Organization in the Philippines

What a chance from Brevard, Cocoa Florida. Yes a lot of the team is here. The need is so great. Some of us are here to set up the JOC and some will stay. This is our sixth year here doing Humanitarian work. But this time we come to stay. The JOC is working from here as a Philippine Project Management Group. We are working with our current projects and we assist and manage for other world and local organizations.

The JOC is reaching out to our Friends, Organizations, Clubs, Churches, other NGO's and people involved or wanting to be involved in working in the Philippines to save the lives of children.
The world economy has made us think different in how we do our work and provide our funding. The JOC has learned to team up as a network for shared resourcing. We have found that our Vision is the same as others in most cases. If we team up, we open more doors as a collective effort. We open doors for projects, security and savings.
And best of all we help more people in our efforts.

As we reach out, we ask that you tell us about your projects or your desires to help. Maybe we can help or provide resourcing. Maybe you can offer us advice or resources. We can provide for your group to travel here and we can provide lodging. Here we offer our assistance. Or maybe you can just help us in making a donation. Even the smallest donation can help.
Our goal is to be able to help Children and their Families. If you are doing the same, or if you want to be a close part of a great project on a personal level, we need to help each other. Join us. The JOC has teamed up with local and National Philippine Organizations. We are working with other world Organizations in long and short range planning. Our long range planning involves all of the Philippines and then other Asia Countries. There is a very large Vision in progress. Contact us. You will see we are already set to work with NGO's and clubs here in the Philippines.

The Children Life Project, Philippine Outreach, Inc, JOC Philippines, is a Non-Profit 501 [c] 3 Christian Organization working to save the lives of children around the world. We work with our current projects and the projects of others to best meet the vision of many. We are a management system for projects.
As we work with our projects, we also find and list project opportunities.
With-in our world mission planning, we work to serve and protect the structure of the family. We stand for Children's rights to education and basic life giving needs. Our teaching programs provide the knowledge needed for survival and success. Our JOC Medical Network, will save thousands of children. As we move forward we invite others to join. We can work as a collective effort as we build medical Clinics, provide clean water and do medical missions. We are a gateway for projects, and we work with-in the structure of the Peace Initiatives program.
As we reach out we look for ways to serve.

As we reach out we invite you to join us for the greater vision.
JOC Philippines
Joint Operation Center
General Santos City { Gensan }
Mindanao, Philippines
PH +63 9393 64 7677
USA Skype # 1 321 806 2933
Contact - Denny

Best Wishes                                                                       New Needs-  DJ's  School Project>  The cost per year to gave a child a future and send him to school :   $ 70.00 per year  - Watch for this projects  on
Denny Rymer                                                                    New Needs   Transportation  - Our new outreach on food service and the medical treatment for TB requires  3 wheel vehicles>  Cost per vehical new  $2500.00 US  -Watch  for this project soon on line
President,  CEO
The Children Life Project
JOC  { Joint Operation Center }
Mindanao, Philippines
JOC Philippines Web Site   Please view all of our web sites from this location   

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