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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Foreign aid to Pakistan

Result of U.S. aid to Pakistan
Pakistan receives Foreign aid from several different countries and the International community. Much of this money goes to the development of stability and civil development within the country.

Multilateral Aid

Election Support
One of the biggest organizations supporting the electoral process in Pakistan is the Election Support Group (ESG). ESG is an internationally supported group of interested parties, made 32 specific recommendations to the Election Commission based on the recommendations of 16 international organizations. A meeting was held in October 2009 to present these ideas to the Commission. The Commission commissioned ESG to provide them with a recommendations on how to best solve the addressed problems.

United States

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson addressed senior bureaucrats at the National Management College and emphasized that the United States will assist Pakistan’s new democratic government in the areas of development, stability, and security. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations World Food Program, in Pakistan, officially announced the signing of an agreement valued at $8.4 million to help ease Pakistan's food crisis. With relations between Pakistan and the United States cooling down, it is expected that Pakistan and the United States could return to being allies again not only in the War on Terror but also in other possible threats to regional and world peace. It is also hoped by the United States that Pakistan under the administration of Asif Ali Zardari would only strengthen relations between Pakistan and the United States.
On 14 September 2009, former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, admitted that US Foreign Aid to Pakistan (which is substantial) was diverted by the country from its original purpose to fighting the Taliban, to prepare for war against neighboring India. The United States government has responded by stating that they will take these allegations seriously. However Pervez Musharraf also said '"Wherever there is a threat to Pakistan, we will use it [equipment provided by the US] there. If the threat comes from al-Qaeda or Taliban, it will be used there. If the threat comes from India, we will most surely use it there,".

Election Support
In 2006, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems implemented a 9 million dollar contract through USAID to install a computerised electoral rolls system for the Pakistani government.
USAID, along with IFES, UNDP, and NDI have also coordinated a number of initiatives to help train election officials in Pakistan. Part of this activity was the establishment of a Federal Election Academy and a library to support the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Financial aid to Pakistan since 9/11 From U.S
Between 2002-2010, Pakistan received approximately 18 billion[8] in military and economic aid from the United States. In February 2010, the Obama administration requested an additional 3 billion in aid, for a total of 20.7 billion.
Western officials have claimed nearly 70% ( roughly $3.4 billion) of the aid given to the Pakistani military has been misspent in 2002-2007. However U.S-Pakistani relationship has been a transactional based and U.S military aid to Pakistan has been shrouded in secrecy for several years until recently . Furthermore a significant proportion of U.S. economic aid for Pakistan has ended up in back in the U.S., as funds are channeled through large U.S. contractors. A U.S. lawmaker also said a large sum of U.S. economic aid has not left the U.S. as it spent on consulting fees and overhead cost.

Military and economic aid
Year Military (USD in billions) Economic (USD in billions)
2002 1.36 1.233 for 2002 to 2004
2003 1.500 1.233 for 2002 to 2004
2004 1.200 1.233 for 2002 to 2004
2005 1.313 .338
2006 1.260 .539
2007 1.115 .567
2008 1.435 .507
2009 1.689 1.366
2010 1.232 1.409
2011 1.685 unknown
Total 11.740 billion 6.08 billion

United Kingdom

United Kingdom has pledged £665 million to Pakistan from 2009-2013.


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