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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

List of airports in Afghanistan

This is a list of airports in Afghanistan, grouped by type and sorted by location.
Afghanistan has two major air gateways: Kabul International Airport, serving the capital, and Kandahar International Airport, serving the south of the country. The two airports were operated in the past under instrument flight rules with day and night operations. Four major domestic airports with airside pavements provide air connection to the major cities. In addition, 16 regional domestic airports are spread over the country serving the smaller, more remote areas. These airports have mainly gravelled airside facilities and operate under visual flight rules.
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City servedProvinceICAOIATAAirport nameRunwayElev. (m)
 International airports
KabulKabulOAKBKBLKabul International Airport11/29: 3500 x 50 m, Concrete1789
KandaharKandaharOAKNKDHKandahar International Airport05/23: 3200 x 45 m, Asphalt1015
 Major domestic airports
HeratHeratOAHRHEAHerat Airport01/19: 2571 x 46 m, Asphalt1004
JalalabadNangarharOAJLJAAJalalabad Airport13/31: 2218 x 45 m, Asphalt553
KunduzKunduzOAUZUNDKunduz Airport11/29: 2007 x 45 m, Asphalt448
Mazari SharifBalkhOAMSMZRMazari Sharif Airport06/24: 3272 x 46 m, Asphalt391
 Regional domestic airports
BamyanBamyanOABNBINBamyan Airport07/25: 2595 x 23 m, Gravel2591
Lashkar Gah (Bost)HelmandOABTBSTBost Airport18/36: 2332 x 45 m, Asphalt751
ChaghcharanGhōrOACCCCNChaghcharan Airport06/24: 1524 x 18 m, Gravel2276
DarwazOADZDAZDarwaz Airport09/27: 654 x 32 m, Gravel1533
FayzabadBadakhshanOAFZFBDFayzabad Airport18/36: 1691 x 27 m, PSP1171
FarahFarahOAFRFAHFarah Airport15/33: 2042 x 21 m, Gravel692
KhostKhostOAKSKHTKhost Airfield06/24: 2684 x 105 m, Gravel1172
KhwahanBadakhshanOAHNKWHKhwahan Airport??/??: 671 x ? m, Gravel980
Kron MonjanOARZKURRazer Airport??/??: 884 x ? m, Gravel?
MaymanaFaryabOAMNMMZMaymana Airport14/32: 1287 x 18 m, Gravel820
Qala i NawBadghisOAQNLQNQala i Naw Airport04/22: 1158 x 18 m, Asphalt905
SheberghanJowzjanOASGSheberghan Airport06L/24R: 2621 x 24, Asphalt
06R/24L: 2115 x 30, Gravel
Sheghnan (Shighnan)BadakhshanOASNSGASheghnan Airport16/34: 803 x 30 m, Gravel2042
TaloqanTakharOATQTQNTaloqan Airport16/34: 1574 x 35 m, Gravel816
Tarin KowtOrūzgānOATNTIITarin Kowt Airport10/28: 1658 x 61 m, Gravel1350
ZaranjNimruzOAZJZAJZaranj Airport16/34: 2320 x 47 m, Gravel479
Sardeh BandOADSSBFSardeh Band Airport02/20: 2104 m, Gravel2125
 Military airports
BagramParwanOAIXOA1Bagram Air Base03/21: 3003 x 55 m, Concrete1492
ShindandHeratOASDOA5Shindand Airbase18/36: 2786 x 49 m, Concrete1150


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