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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

List of conventional hydroelectric power stations

The following page lists the hydroelectric power stations that generate power using the conventional dammed method. This list includes power stations that are larger than 1,000 MW in maximum net capacity, and are currently operational or under construction. Those power stations that are smaller than 1,000 MW, or those that are only at a planning/proposal stage may be found in regional lists, listed at the end of the page.
At present, the largest hydroelectric power station is the Three Gorges Dam in China, currently rated at 18,200 MW in total installed capacity but planned to reach 22,500 MW in the future. After passing the 14,000 MW mark of the Itaipu Dam, the facility was ranked as the largest power-generating facility ever built. The dam is 181 m (594 ft) high, 2,335 m (7,661 ft) long and 115 m (377 ft) in width. Power is generated by 32 turbines rated at 700 MW, and two turbines rated 50 MW, which is used to power the facility itself. Construction of this dam commenced in 1994, and is expected to be completed by 2011, nearly two decades after it started.
The next three largest dams after the Three Gorges Dam are the Itaipu Dam, Guri Dam and the Tucurui Dam, rated at 14,000 MW, 10,200 MW and 8,370 MW respectively. All four dams are the largest power-generating bodies respectively, before the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant at 8,212 MW, currently the largest non-renewable energy-generating facility in the world. The currently planned Grand Inga Dam would be nearly twice the size of the Three Gorges Dam at 39,000 MW, surpassing all power-generating facilities once it passes the current-highest 22,500 MW mark.

[edit]Hydroelectric power stations

This lists ranks the worlds conventional hydroelectric power stations that have an installed or under construction electric power generation capacity of at least 1,000 MW.

The Three Gorges Dam, currently the largest power-generating facility in the world

electric power generation capacity of at least 1,000 MW.
Aerial view of a huge concrete structure located between the mountains, with buildings, power lines and construction and lifting cranes
The Three Gorges Dam, currently the largest power-generating facility in the world
Aerial view of a huge concrete structure located between some low hills and a river, with some large pipes at the base and power lines at the top of the structure and a road
The Itaipu Dam
Ground-level view of a large concrete structure in the left, power lines at the top and a parking lot with many cars in it
The Guri Dam
Aerial view of a concrete structure, a low hill and massive amounts of water that spur in a waterfall like way from the structure
The Tucurui Dam
Image of some mountains, a large structure, a river and a vilage near the river
The Grand Coulee Dam
Image of a large water retaining structure that spills water like a waterfall, some power lines and a construction crane
The Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Dam
Image of a wall like structure in left, a raging river in the right and power lines located on low hills
The Caruachi Dam
Aerial view of a white structure located between mountains with a lake, roads in the left, power lines in the right and a pylon with some wires in the low part
The Hoover Dam
Aerial image of a river flowing from a concrete structure in the shape of an waterfall, with some forest in the background
The Srisailam Dam
Image of a wall like structure located between mountains with curves at the bottom of it, some kind of plant and a rusty rail bar
The Narmada Dam
Aerial view of a concrete structure located between mountains that has a long ridge, a road and large pipes and an electric power transformation station
The Keban Dam
Iron Gates Dam, Romania-Serbia
A giant staircase carved in the rock
The Robert-Bourassa and La Grande-2-A generating stations common spillway.
Aerial view of a large rock structure located in a forest between the mountains, large pipes and a cloudy sky
The Akosombo Dam
Aerial image of a coastal mountainous place with some structures located on top of it and some power lines
The Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex
Image of a large and long wall like structure made out of white bricks and a jungle
The Aswan Low Dam
Aerial view of a large structure located between mountains and a large lake
The Atatürk Dam
Image of a large rock structure and a power transformation station in the left, a rocky mountain, a river and another concrete structure in the right
The Bakun Dam
Image of a large structure located between two mountains with power lines, a jungle, a house and a green river
The Bhakra Dam
Image of a large concrete structure that looks kind of old and unused with a pier and some structures on it and alongside it
The Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station

Station Country Location Capacity (MW) Ref
Água Vermelha Dam Brazil 19°56′59″S 49°53′54″W 1,396
Ahai Dam United States 26°53′55″N 100°14′4″E 2,000
Akosombo Dam Ghana 06°17′59″N 00°03′34″E 1,020
Aldeadávila Dam Spain
Portugal 41°12′42″N 6°41′08″W 1,200
Aswan Dam Egypt 23°58′14″N 32°52′40″E 2,100
Atatürk Dam Turkey 37°28′54″N 38°19′03″E 2,400
Baishan Dam China 42°43′35″N 127°13′25″E 1,800
Bakun Hydroelectric Power Station Malaysia 02°45′23″N 114°03′47″E 2,400
Bento Munhoz Dam Brazil 24°57′21″S 53°27′18″W 1,676
Bersimis-1 generating station Canada 49°18′31″N 69°33′50″W 1,178
Bhakra Dam India 31°24′39″N 76°26′00″E 1,325
Boguchany Hydroelectric Power Station Russia 58°41′41″N 99°08′56″E 3,000
Boundary Dam United States 48°59′14″N 117°20′51″W 1,024
Bratsk Dam Russia 56°17′10″N 101°47′10″E 4,500
Bureya Dam Russia 50°16′07″N 130°18′54″E 2,010
Cahora Bassa Dam Mozambique 15°35′07″N 32°42′17″E 2,075
Caruachi Dam Venezuela 08°09′36″N 62°47′55″W 2,160
Changheba DamA China 30°24′13″N 102°07′07″E 2,600
Cheboksary Hydroelectric Station Russia 56°08′17″N 47°27′56″E 1,404
Chirkey Dam Russia 42°58′38″N 46°52′15″E 1,000
Churchill Falls Canada 53°31′46″N 63°58′05″W 5,248
Dachaoshan Dam China 24°01′38″N 100°22′19″E 1,300
Dagangshan DamA China 23°02′00″N 113°43′00″E 2,600
Dnieper Hydroelectric Station Ukraine 47°52′09″N 35°05′13″E 1,500
El Chocón Dam Argentina 39°17′00″S 68°48′00″W 1,200
Emborcação Dam Brazil 18°34′33″S 47°52′37″W 1,192
Ertan Dam China 26°49′22″N 101°46′51″E 3,300
Fengman Dam China 43°43′10″N 126°41′18″E 1,004
Foz do Areia Dam Brazil 26°00′34″S 51°40′00″W 1,674
Furnas Dam Brazil 20°40′11″S 46°19′05″W 1,240
Geheyan Dam China 30°28′3″N 111°8′23″E 1,200
Gezhouba Dam China 30°44′23″N 111°16′20″E 3,115
Glen Canyon Dam United States 36°56′14″N 111°29′04″W 1,296
Gongboxia Dam China 35°52′40″N 102°13′56″E 1,500
Goupitan DamA China 27°22′31″N 107°37′59″E 3,000
Grand Coulee Dam United States 47°57′24″N 118°59′00″W 6,809
Guandi Dam China 30°44′46″N 120°29′44″E 2,400
Guangzhao Dam China 25°57′34″N 105°15′03″E 1,040
Guanyinyan Dam China 26°31′17″N 101°26′16″E 3,000
Guri Dam Venezuela 07°46′00″N 63°00′00″W 10,200
Hòa Bình Dam Vietnam 20°48′30″N 105°19′26″E 1,960
Hoover Dam United States 36°00′56″N 114°44′16″W 2,080
Ilha Solteira Dam Brazil 20°22′58″S 51°21′44″W 3,444
Ilisu DamA Turkey 37°34′00″N 41°54′00″E 1,200A
Indirasagar Dam India 22°17′02″N 76°28′17″E 1,000
Inga-II Dam Congo DR 05°31′44″S 13°37′14″E 1,424
Inguri Dam Georgia 42°45′36″N 42°01′48″E 1,300
Iron Gate I Hydroelectric Power Station Romania
Serbia 44°40′15″N 22°31′45″E 2,160
Itá Dam Brazil 27°16′00″S 52°19′00″W 1,450
Itaipu Dam Brazil
Paraguay 25°24′31″S 54°35′21″W 14,000
Itumbiara Dam Brazil 18°25′00″S 49°13′00″W 2,082
Jean-Lesage generating station Canada 49°19′18″N 68°20′49″W 1,145
Jishixia Dam China 35°49′42″N 102°42′23″E 1,020
Jinanqiao Dam China 47°20′00″N 123°58′00″E 2,400
Jinghong Dam China 22°3′9″N 100°45′54″E 1,750
Jinping-I Hydropower StationA China 28°11′07″N 101°37′42″E 3,600A
Jinping-II Hydropower StationA China 28°07′42″N 101°47′27″E 4,800A
Eng Souza Dias (Jupiá) Dam Brazil 26°27′00″S 52°40′00″W 1,424
Karakaya Dam Turkey 38°13′40″N 39°08′20″E 1,800
Kariba Dam Zambia
Zimbabwe 16°31′18″S 28°45′41″E 1,320
Karun-1 Hydroelectric Dam Iran 32°07′00″N 49°37′00″E 2,000
Karun-3 Hydroelectric Dam Iran 31°48′00″N 50°05′00″E 2,280
Karun-4 Dam Iran 31°36′00″N 50°28′00″E 1,000
Keban Dam Turkey 38°48′25″N 38°45′25″E 1,330
Koyna Dam India 17°24′06″N 73°45′08″E 1,920
Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Dam Russia 55°56′05″N 92°17′40″E 6,000
Kvilldal Hydroelectric Power Station Norway 59°31′00″N 06°38′00″E 1,240 
La Grande-2-A generating station Canada 53°47′09″N 77°27′07″W 2,106 
La Grande-3 generating station Canada 53°43′40″N 75°59′55″W 2,417
La Grande-4 generating station Canada 53°53′12″N 73°27′55″W 2,779
Laxiwa Dam China 36°3′45″N 101°16′3″E 4,200 
Lijiaxia Dam China 36°7′7″N 101°48′29″E 2,000 
Liujiaxia Dam China 35°56′02″N 103°20′34″E 1,225
Liyuan Dam China 39°54′52″N 116°24′30″E 2,400
Longtan Dam China 25°01′38″N 107°02′51″E 6,426
Longyangxia Dam China 36°7′21″N 100°55′12″E 1,280
Ludila DamA China 26°12′00″N 100°37′16″E 2,100 
Luiz Barreto Dam Brazil 20°9′11″S 47°16′46″W 1,087
Luiz Gonzaga Dam Brazil 9°8′38″S 38°18′48″W 1,479
Macagua Dam Venezuela 8°18′14″N 62°40′05″W 3,152 
Machadinho Hydroelectric Power Station Brazil 27°34′00″S 51°40′00″W 1,140
Mangla Dam Pakistan 33°08′31″N 73°38′42″E 1,000 
Manic-5 Generating Station Canada 50°38′21″N 68°43′35″W 1,596 
Manic-5-PA Generating Station Canada 50°28′30″N 68°43′46″W 1,064
Manwan Dam China 24°37′20″N 100°26′56″E 1,500 
Marimbondo Dam Brazil 40°46′28″S 49°21′20″W 1,440 
Masjed Soleyman Dam Iran 32°01′40″S 49°24′01″W 1,000 
McNary Dam United States 45°55′47″N 119°17′46″W 1,127 
Merowe Dam Sudan 18°40′08″N 32°03′01″E 1,250
Mica Dam Canada 52°04′40″N 118°33′59″W 1,805 
Mosul Dam Iraq 36°37′49″N 42°49′23″E 1,010 
Myitsone Dam Myanmar 25°41′43″N 97°29′49″E 3,600 
Nam Theun II Hydroelectric Dam Laos 17°30′14″N 105°01′53″E 1,070 
Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Dam India 31°33′50″N 77°58′49″E 1,530 
Nizhnekamsk Hydroelectric Station Russia 55°41′59″N 52°16′43″E 1,248 
Nuozhadu DamA China 23°04′00″N 101°02′00″E 5,850 
Nurek Dam Tajikistan 38°22′00″N 69°21′00″E 3,015 
Outardes-3 generating station Canada 49°33′33″N 68°43′58″W 1,026 
Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex Brazil 9°23′49″S 38°12′08″W 4,279 
Paute Dam Ecuador 02°35′10″S 78°33′30″W 1,200 
Pengshui Dam China 29°12′02″N 108°11′50″E 1,750 
Porto Primavera Dam Brazil 15°34′45″S 56°05′49″W 1,540 
Pubugou Dam China 29°14′46″N 102°24′27″E 3,300 
René-Lévesque generating station Canada 49°44′25″N 68°35′34″W 1,244
Revelstoke Dam Canada 51°02′58″N 118°11′38″W 1,980 
Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station United States 43°08′35″N 79°02′23″W 2,515 
Robert-Bourassa generating station Canada 53°47′43″N 77°26′26″W 5,616 
Rocky Reach Dam United States 47°32′00″N 120°17′40″W 1,287 
Sakuma Dam Japan 35°05′58″N 137°47′39″W 1,550
Salto Caxias Dam Brazil 25°32′36″S 53°29′48″W 1,240
Salto Osório Dam Brazil 25°32′06″S 53°00′33″W 1,078 
Salto Santiago Dam Brazil 25°37′04″S 52°36′48″W 1,420
Sanbanxi Dam China 31°13′05″N 107°30′00″E 1,000 
Salto Grande Dam Argentina
Uruguay 31°15′15″S 57°55′43″W 1,890 
Saratov Hydroelectric Station Russia 52°03′11″N 47°45′18″E 1,360 
Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam Russia 52°49′31″N 91°22′15″E 6,400
São Simão Dam Brazil 18°59′03″S 50°31′08″W 1,710
Segredo Dam Brazil 25°47′35″S 52°6′47″W 1,280 
Serra da Mesa Hydroelectric Power Station Brazil 24°58′23″S 53°28′19″W 1,275 
Shuangjiangkou DamA China 31°44′48″N 102°00′04″E 2,000 
Shuibuya Dam China 30°26′30″N 110°21′40″E 1,840 
Shuikou Dam China 26°18′7″N 118°48′48″E 1,400 
Silin Dam China 27°48′08″N 108°11′10″E 1,080
Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations Canada 43°08′51″N 79°02′42″W 1,600 
Sobradinho Dam Brazil 09°28′00″S 40°48′30″W 1,050 
Son La DamA Vietnam 2,400A 
Srisailam Dam India 16°05′12″N 78°53′48″E 1,670
Tarbela Dam Pakistan 34°05′23″N 72°41′54″E 3,478 
Tehri Dam India 30°22′40″N 78°28′50″E 2,400 
Three Gorges Dam China 30°49′15″N 111°00′08″E 18,200B 
Tianshengqiao Dam China 24°56′21″N 105°6′31″E 2,520 
Tucuruí Dam Brazil 03°49′54″S 49°38′48″W 8,370
Upia Dam Colombia 04°35′05″N 72°58′00″E 1,750 
Ust-Ilimsk Hydroelectric Station Russia 57°58′06″N 102°41′45″E 3,840 
Volga Hydroelectric Station Russia 48°49′34″N 44°40′19″E 2,583 
Votkinsk Hydroelectric Station Russia 56°47′13″N 54°04′44″E 1,020 
W. A. C. Bennett Dam Canada 56°01′05″N 122°12′24″W 2,730 
Wanapum Dam United States 46°52′31″N 119°58′16″W 1,038 
Wanjiazhai Dam China 39°34′47″N 111°25′38″E 1,080 
Wujiangdu Dam China 27°19′10″N 106°45′39″E 1,130 
Wuqiangxi Dam China 28°46′33″N 110°55′39″E 1,200 
Xiangjiaba DamA China 28°38′57″N 104°22′14″E 6,400A 
Xiaolangdi Dam China 34°40′13″N 112°25′33″E 1,836 
Xiaowan DamA China 24°37′14″N 100°26′57″E 4,200A 
Xiluodu DamA China 28°15′52″N 103°38′47″E 12,600A 
Xingó Dam Brazil 9°37′14″S 37°47′34″W 3,162 
Yacyretá Dam Argentina
Paraguay 27°28′58″S 56°43′30″W 4,050 
Yantan Dam China 24°02′26″N 107°30′45″E 1,212
Zeya Hydroelectric Station Russia 53°48′00″N 127°23′00″E 1,330 
Zhiguli Hydroelectric Station Russia 53°26′42″N 49°29′24″E 2,320 


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