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Monday, January 17, 2011

Male Yeast Infection

Many times men do not even think about this problem. That is unless of course their wife tells them that she is suffering from the female form of the infection. It’s pretty easy to detect in women but that’s not true for men. Male yeast infection can be a very tricky thing.

Many times male yeast infection goes very unnoticed. If you drink beer then you may have skin yeast on your penis. The outside temperature will usually keep this problem dormant however. Male yeast infection is not something to sneeze at either because it can be spread and then spread back and could go up the urethral canal.

If you want to find out if you have it there are a couple of things that you need. You need to have a glass of water set by your bed and you need to spit into the cup in the morning when you get up. When you get up and spit in the cup if it dissolves pretty quickly then you should be good. If you have male yeast infection you are going to see that your spit is stringy like a spider web and you should take steps to cure the problem.
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