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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top 10 Airlines, U,S., Canada

If you want to see what airlines in the United States and Canada carry the most passengers, then this top 10 list is for you. See who passengers are choosing the most as their airline of choice by who they are ticketed and flying with. This is not about travel distance, simply the most passengers.

Delta has emerged as the airline that offers the most international flights out of the United States, and has its main hub in Atlanta.

This grand-daddy of low cost airlines in the United States now breaks the top 3 in terms of passengers.

American Airlines has long been the largest airline in the world, but has been recently edged out in terms of passengers by Delta.

United's main hubs are Chicago and Denver, with San Francisco a hub for many Pacific routes.

Since merging with America West, US Airways has jumped in size.

Continental is regularly tapped as one of the top airlines to fly in the United States, and has hubs that include Newark and Houston.

Canada's flagship carrier serves both domestic and international routes, and is one of the five founding members of Star Alliance along with United Airlines.

This low cost US airline launches airfare deal after deal.

JetBlue is known as a low cost airline with a high level of customer service. With its main hub in New York, JetBlue serves the United States and much of the Caribbean.

Skywest serves as a regional airline for airlines such as Delta and United.

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