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Monday, February 28, 2011

Officials who protested or resigned during the 2011 Libyan protests

The former Libyan flag used between1951 and 1969 has been
 used by some protesters as an opposition flag
This is a list of officials who resigned or refused to take orders from the Gaddafi regime during the 2011 Libyan protests.

Ministers in the General People's Committee

Main article: General People's Committee of Libya
Justice Minister Mustafa Mohamed Abud Al Jeleil
Interior Minister and Army Major General, Abdul Fatah Younis, defected on 22 February as he announced his support for the protestors
Oil Minister Shukri Ghanem apparently fled the country

Other government officials
Nouri Al-Mismari, former head of protocol
Ahmad Qaddaf al-Damm, a cousin and aide of Gaddafi has fled to Cairo reporting of "grave violations to human right and human and international laws."
Saif Al Arab Gaddafi, (not to be confused with Saif Al Islam Gadaffi), second youngest son of Muammar al-Gaddafi joined protestors on 24 February 2011.
Abdul-Rahman al-Abbar, Libyan Prosecutor General resigned on 25 February 2011 and joined the opposition.
Mohamed Amer Bayou, spokesman for the Gaddafi regime, resigned on 25 February over violence against protesters.
By February 27, Libya's biggest oil company, Agaco, turned against the Gaddafi regime.

Libyan diplomatic personnel

See also: List of diplomatic missions of Libya
Organization Official Date Notes
Arab League Ambassador Abdulmoneim al-Honi[12] 20 February 2011 The reason for his resignation was the "oppression against protesters".
The Libyan delegation to the Arab League in Cairo has renounced Gaddafi and now represents 'the people' 25 February 2011 They condemned his attack on "unarmed citizens".
United Nations Ambassador Abdel Rahman Shalgham 25 February 2011 Did not resign, but denounced Gaddafi in a speech before the Security Council and no longer supports the regime
Deputy Ambassador Ibrahim Omar Al Dabashi 21 February 2011 Did not resign, but no longer supports government. On 26 February 2011, he stated that he supported "in principle" the alternative government being formed in Benghazi.
Delegation to the Human Rights Council
Entire mission to the UN in Geneva 25 February 2011
UNESCO Ambassador Abdoulsalam El Qallali 25 February 2011 
Australia Musbah Allafi 20 February 2011 As Allafi met with Australian government officials, Omran Zwed, the mission's cultural counsellor, told The Australian newspaper: "We represent the Libyan people and no longer the Libyan regime."
Austria Embassy staff 23 February 2011 The Libyan Embassy in Austria condemned 'excessive violence against peaceful demonstrators', stated that they represent the Libyan people and offered condolences to the families of the victims.
Bangladesh Ambassador AH Elimam 20 February 2011 
Belgium Ambassador 21 February 2011 
Canada Counsellor Ihab Al-Mismari 23 February 2011 Son of Gaddafi's former protocol chief Nuri Al-Mismari (see list Other Government Officials above) told Toronto Star he resigned because embassy's charge d'affaires was "hiding" the gravity of the deadly crackdown back home. “...killing the friends with whom I grew up, they are killing my brothers and sisters.”
China Second Secretary to the ambassador Hussein Sadiq al Musrati 20 February 2011 He also called on the army to intervene and called for all Libya's diplomats to resign
Egypt Consular employees in Alexandria 22 February 2011 Staff at the Libyan consulate in Alexandria removed the Gaddafi-era green flag and joined protestors outside
European Union Ambassador 21 February 2011 
France Ambassador Mohamed Salaheddine Zarem 25 February 2011 
Hungary Embassy staff (undefined) 22 February 2011 Two members of the staff left the embassy to join the protesters in front of the building.
India Ambassador Ali al-Essawi 21 February 2011 
Indonesia Ambassador Salaheddin M. El Bishari 21 February 2011 
Jordan Ambassador Mohammed Hassan Al Barghathi 24 February 2011 
Malaysia Embassy staff 22 February 2011 Distanced themselves from the government and called the protests a "massacre."
Morocco Embassy staff 23 February 2011 Staff destroyed images of Muammar al-Gaddafi and destroyed the Gaddafi-era flag
Malta Embassy staff (undefined) 22 February 2011 Left the embassy to join the protestors infront of it.
Poland Ambassador 22 February 2011 
Portugal Ambassador Ali Ibrahim Emdored 25 February 2011 
Somalia Ambassador Issa Ashur 26 February 2011 Announced he is "joining the revolution", and would continue to carry out his duties "as a representative of the Libyan people"

Sweden Ambassador;
Deputy Ambassador Abdelmagid Buzrigh;
non-diplomatic staff 23 February 2011 After days of protests, the embassy announced on 23 February that they no longer support Gaddafi and lifted the former Libyan flag
United States of America Ambassador Ali Suleiman Aujali; 22 February 2011 Ambassador did not initially resign, even though he distanced himself from the Libyan government. However, he resigned on 22 February saying he does not serve the "dictatorship." On 26 February 2011, he stated that he supported the efforts to form an alternative government in Benghazi.
Counsel Saleh Ali Al Majbari,
Counsel Jumaa Faris 21 February 2011 
Contrary to previous reports, the Ambassador of Libya to the United Kingdom has not resigned, but did not want to discuss his support for Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.
According to the Toronto Star, the Ambassador of Libya to Canada is on "sick leave".
A growing number of Libyan embassies around the world have started to fly the former flag of Libya used between 1951 and 1969.


Abdul Fatah Younis, interior minister who resigned and defected, held the position of Major General, and was the top military leader.
Major General Suleiman Mahmoud whom Al Jazeera desribes as "a commander of the Libyan army in Tobruk" called Colonel Gaddafi "a tyrant" and announced that he and his forces changed sides towards the protestors.
Two Libyan Air Force colonels each flew their Mirage F1 fighter jets to Malta after being ordered to carry out air strikes against anti-government protesters in Benghazi. One of the Libyan colonels has reportedly requested asylum.
On March 1, Brigadier Musa’ed Ghaidan Al Mansouri the Head Al Wahat Security Directorate and Brigadier Hassan Ibrahim Al Qarawi defected to the protester side. Brigadier Dawood Issa Al Qafsi later joined the opposition as well.


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