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Monday, September 19, 2011

Levi Johnston Say: Bristol Palin wanted to get pregnant


They kicked her around, victimized her, tried to destroy her. But all of a sudden, the lamestream media is coming to Sarah Palin’s defense.

Faced with a barrage of negative portrayals — a much-hyped investigative book, a Levi Johnston memoir and a new movie — Palin is finding support in the unlikeliest of places.

Film reviewers have slammed the British documentary “Sarah Palin: You Betcha!” Newspapers have refused to run comic-strip excerpts of Joe McGinniss’s rumor-mongering tome “The Rogue.” Johnston’s accusations have been consigned to the gossip pages. And none other than The New York Times has angrily taken Palin’s side in a brutal takedown of the McGinniss book.

Reviewer Janet Maslin called “The Rogue” a work of “caustic, unsubstantiated gossip,” accusing its author, who rented a house next door to the Palins for a time, of sloppiness, attention seeking and a lack of neighborliness.

“‘The Rogue’ is too busy being nasty to be lucid,” Maslin concludes, describing its many accusations as “indefensibly reckless.”

In a statement issued through a PR representative, Todd Palin trumpeted the Times review, pointing to it as proof that the book was so reprehensible that “even The New York Times” disdained it.

But it wasn’t the first time in recent weeks the Palins have found the Times — the print voice of East Coast intellectualism — in their corner. The Gray Lady also recently published an op-ed praising Palin as a person of ideas and calling for her to be taken seriously.

Sarah Palin was plucked from obscurity to be the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008.
The 'pitbull in lipstick' sparked a media storm after accepting the nomination, despite questions over her experience.

But she wowed the U.S. after a barn-storming speech in September 2008 in which she attacked critics for calling her 'small town'. A former mayor of Wasilla before she became governor of Alaska, Palin stepped down after the Republican defeat in the presidential election.

The mother-of-five has remained tight-lipped on whether she would stand next year, but said she would likely make an announcement at the end of this month.

The AP reports that Johnston writes that when Sarah Palin found out she was pregnant in March of 2008, Bristol was mad and thought she should be the one who was pregnant, so she told Levi they should become so.

Johnston also says that Bristol's claim in her book "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far" that she lost her virginity on a camping trip with Johnston is not true - he says it happened much earlier in their relationship.

He also claims he was "too dumb" to use protection while dating Bristol, even though he knew getting pregnant was "what she wanted." And finally, he claims when the Palins found out about the pregnancy, Sarah's first reaction was that she and Todd adopt the baby to "avoid a scandal."

This is not the only scandalous book about the Palins hitting shelves Tuesday. Joe McGinniss' book "The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin," which alleges Palin's cocaine use and extramarital affairs, also comes out Sept. 20.

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