Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DOT CO, Internet Selects Sedo for Exclusive Partnership to Broker Select .CO Domain Names

Brokerage Deal to Focus on Helping Entrepreneurs and SMBs to Acquire Short, Memorable Digital Brands to Build and Develop their Businesses Online
[news release] Sedo, the leading online domain marketplace and monetization provider, today announced that it has signed a two-year exclusive partnership with .CO Internet S.A.S. to provide brokerage of a select set of previously unreleased .CO domain names, including:
  • clothes.co
  • software.co
  • hardware.co
  • body.co
  • france.co
  • profit.co
  • onlinemusic.co
  • internetmarketing.co
  • onlinedating.co
  • jobsonline.co
To see the complete portfolio of .CO domains available via Sedo, go to Sedo.co.
.CO is increasingly becoming the top level domain (TLD) of choice for start-ups and small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) searching for meaningful, memorable, and affordable domain names to brand their web presence. Since .CO was first introduced in 2010, Sedo has generated well over $1 million in .CO sales revenue, and the .CO domain extension has become one of the top selling domain extensions in Sedo’s marketplace.
“Sedo has done a fabulous job helping to establish and develop the secondary market for premium .CO domain names,” said Lori Anne Wardi, vice president of .CO Internet S.A.S. “Given their expertise and global reach, we are confident that Sedo is the perfect partner to help us bring these valuable digital assets to end-users worldwide.”
With more than one million .CO domain names registered by individuals and businesses in more than 200 countries around the world, CO has become a truly global TLD. The .CO domain is treated equally with legacy domain extensions like .com and .net by the search engines, making the domain particularly appealing from a search engine optimization perspective for businesses of every size.
Many of the world’s most recognizable brands are already using the .CO domain to build or expand their online presence, including Internet behemoths like Twitter, Google and Amazon (which have acquired the single letter .CO domains t.co, g.co and a.co, respectively); the Aspen Group insurance company (aspen.co); and the well-known Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups (which has rebranded to 500.co).

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