Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sedo Launches New Domain Marketplace – More Efficiency, Connectivity & Visibility

Sedo have released their new domain marketplace with their claim of “more efficiency, connectivity and visibility.
For more details, check out the Sedo announcement below:
Sedo’s New Domain Marketplace - More Efficiency, Connectivity & Visibility
We’ve been working hard on features you’ve requested and want to empower you with the platform and tools you need. We’re proud to announce the next generation of Sedo’s Domain Marketplace, designed to give you more efficiency, connectivity, and visibility. While you may have already noticed some recent improvements to our site, major changes will be launched on August 1, 2011. You can look forward to:
More Efficiency
- Streamlined purchasing is now quicker and easier for buyers.
- Integrated WhoIs verification helps sellers respond to offers faster and buyers bid with confidence.
- New certification options give members instant access while protecting marketplace security.
More Connectivity
- Smart email notifications inform previous bidders when sellers set a domain as fixed price – making it available as a Buy Now listing – or lower the price of a Buy Now domain by 5% or more.
- With Facebook®, anyone in the world can share the domains they “like” right from Sedo offer pages.
- In-browser search for Firefox® makes it even easier to find the perfect domain.
More Visibility
- All listings automatically enjoy exposure across Sedo’s Domain Marketplace, including our growing SedoMLS Promotion Network. Premium SedoMLS Promotion is available for domains at select registrars, with activation.
- Syndication, instant purchase through partner websites, and referrals bring more targeted leads and boost sales.
- Buy Now domains get added exposure in Sedo’s marketing and promotion channels.

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