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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Tops Weekly, And Year-To-Date, Sales Chart

The year’s second seven-figure sale, and the year’s biggest to date, topped the weekly sales chart to 7 August. sold for $2.6 million through Moniker/NameQuiver, easily surpassing the year’s second-biggest sale,, which sold for an even $1 million back in May.
In a sales chart covering two weeks due to Domain Name Journal holidays, there was one other sale over $100,000, that of (“flight ticket” in Turkish) that sold for $250,000 through NoktaDomains. was the third biggest sale of the week, selling for $74,333, and also the first Sedo sale on the chart.
Overall there were 27 .COM domains in the top 40 chart and Sedo sold 24 of the domains with one other being a collaboration between Sedo, Moniker and SnapNames. There were also 11 sales through AfternicDLS.
There were ten ccTLD sales, with the top seller being, selling for $50,000 and three non-.COM gTLD sales.

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