Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Triple-Whammy of Six-Figure Sales Topped By DataCenter.com

A good week for big domain name sales with a triple-whammy of six-figure sales in the week to 19 June. Top of the charts was datacenter.com, selling for $352,000 through Sedo, while billionaire.com was the second biggest seller, going for $215,000, also through Sedo.
Rounding out the six-figure sales was cars.net, selling for $170,000 through UpMarketDNS. The remaining 17 of the top 20 sales all made it into the five-figure mark.
It was a good week for Sedo with 15 of the top 20 sales while .COM sales made up 13 of the top 20.
Of the ccTLD sales, the biggest was finance.co, selling for $45,000 while bitcoin.de and bitcoins.de sold in a package deal for €14,875 each, or $21,420. There were also four .NET sales.

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