Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alex Salmond booked for Brave premiere

Mr Salmond will undertake a series of engagements in Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco which will focus on innovation, tourism and jobs.

During the four-day trip, he will meet US politicians and businessmen.

Mr Salmond will also attend the world premiere of the animated film Brave, which has a mythical Scottish setting.

The Scottish government estimates that the Disney/Pixar film, which is due to open at the Los Angeles Film Festival, could boost the Scottish economy by £140m.

The premiere will bring together Disney/Pixar and tourism agency VisitScotland, who are collaborating on a global marketing campaign to showcase Scotland across the world.
Inward investment

The first minister will then travel to Sacramento, where he will outline to US politicians the importance to the Scottish economy of sustained investment by global California-based corporations.

Mr Salmond will also promote Scotland's record in attracting investment from US and major global companies in a speech to the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco.

Salmond will see the first showing of the Disney-Pixar venture, which stars Kevin McKidd and Kelly Macdonald, when he visits California to try to drum up tourism and business investment.

He said: “The US offers huge potential, and Scotland and Scottish companies are ideally placed to take advantage of the outstanding opportunities that are available. The animation film Brave, for example, is expected to boost the Scottish economy by £140 million, and the unique collaboration between Disney-Pixar and VisitScotland to showcase Scotland across the world is a fantastic example of maximising economic benefit from the strength of our nation’s global brand.”

In Sacramento, Salmond will meet Californian politicians to promote the Scottish economy. He will also deliver a speech to the Commonwealth Club of California, described as the oldest and largest public affairs forum in the US.

Other speakers include Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, a member of the Scottish Government’s Council of Economic Advisers.

The First Minister will visit Stanford University to see a venture between the institution and Strathclyde, Heriot-Watt, St Andrews and Glasgow universities.
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