Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bill Clinton "First Lady" Nickname 1st First Gentleman

While Hillary has been pretty mum about her plans for a 2016 run for the 

Bill Clinton "First Lady" Nickname 1st First Gentleman1stfirstgentleman.com
White House and distracting us with her uncanny Vladimir Putin impressions, her husband seems to want to join her on the comedy circuit.

The former president was asked by Rachel Ray, during a taping of an upcoming episode, what his title would be if Hillary becomes the first female President. 

The last White House to have a hostess who was not the wife of the president was exactly a century ago during the tenure of Woodrow Wilson.
After Wilson's first wife, Ellen, died a year and a half into his presidency, their daughter, Margaret Woodrow Wilson, formally took on the role of first lady at age 28 for more than a year until the president remarried in 1915.
The only daughter of Benjamin Harrison, Mary McKee, also became the face of the East Wing after her mother Caroline died. She was 34 when she assumed the role, which she held until the end of her father's time as the nation's chief executive.
Likewise, Martha Jefferson Randolph's mother, also named Martha, had already passed away when her father, Thomas Jefferson, was elected to serve in the Oval Office. That left the 28-year-old daughter of the nation's third president to manage the East Wing.
In other instances, daughters-in-laws, sisters and even a niece fulfilled the duties of the first lady when the position was otherwise vacant.

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