Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Could Bill Clinton Serve in Hillary's Administration?

Hillary Clinton has yet to win the democratic party nomination, let alone the 2016 Presidential election. But if she accomplishes both feats, as she’s currently favored to do, one of the defining personnel choices of her administration will come with an odd twist. We’re not referring to the Vice Presidential running mate, who will likely be a younger up and comer such as Cory Booker or Julian Castro. Instead we’re talking about Secretary of State. It’s a role which has helped define the last few Presidencies, particularly in this time of international transition. And the two names at the top of the list will likely be Joe Biden and Bill Clinton.

Theoretically, the 42nd president of the United States would be eligible to serve in his wife's cabinet, though some legal scholars might raise concerns if she were to nominate him secretary of state.

Were the former president to be confirmed to secretary of state it would place him in the line of succession to the presidency, and should his wife and her vice president become unable to serve Bill Clinton would become president - an ascension some scholars believe would be in violation of the spirit of the Constitution's 22nd Amendment prohibition on president's serving a third term.

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