Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Melania Trump would be the only New First Lady to pose in the NUDE

New First Lady Melania Trump spread out nude on a faux fur with a come hither look is just
not what one would want in a new first lady. Do we want to keep dumbing it down for everybody? Why should we even talk about whether this is appropriate or not…of course it isn’t!

The first lady is expected to host dignitaries, give speeches, etc. She can barely speak english, has posed naked and has nothing to say when asked anything other than”My husband will make the best president ever”!

Contrast her to, say, Heidi Cruz who is a Harvard graduate, articulate and actually has a contribution. She did not take off her clothes when she was younger but used her brains to get where she is.

If Mr Donald Trump is elected president, his wife, Melania Trump, would be the most beautiful and elegant first lady to inhabit the White House since Jackie Kennedy.
Mrs. Melania Trump, knowledgeable sources tell Daily Mail Online, has all the sophistication, poise and quiet strength to be the next Jackie.
The 45-year-old Eastern European former model studied art and architecture, speaks four languages English, of course, Slovenian, French and German has her own, personally designed line of jewelry and watches, and is the devoted mother of nine-year-old Trump scion Barron - Trump's youngest of five children from three wives.

Over 15 years ago we profiled  Mr Donald Trump's then-girlfriend Melania Knauss. Now his wife, our naked profile shoot on his customised Boeing 727 featured Melania wearing handcuffs, wielding diamonds, and holding a chrome pistol (It was the lad mags era after all...) It makes for some interesting reading today, since his recent success in his latest run for president

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