Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beijing Marathon prize money,

AP ran from 1980 until 2010, the Beijing Marathon has already experienced 30 years of wind and rain. In today's Beijing Marathon 2010 press conference, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration Tianguanzhongxin in charge of the marathon, said Mr. Wang Dawei said in Beijing Marathon is less than the total amount of prize money to the London Marathon, Zhou, a person's appearance fees. Attraction in the capital, Beijing marathon there are some really embarrassing.

Although the Beijing International Marathon, includes adidas, Canon, Hyundai Motor and the Olympic Garden an official partner of this, it seems that the sponsor level no better than the red-hot China Open is poor, but is somewhat on the amount of money to feel Nabuchushou.

Beijing Marathon of 2010 established a number of different awards, respectively, ranking award, the time awards, record breaking awards. Male and female winner of the prize is only $ 20,000, also ran into a period of time when the male and female athletes to create a good post good results, but also the time to obtain the corresponding bonus. And if the history of breaking the Beijing marathon best achievements, both men and women will also receive a record $ 42,195 prize.

But the Olympic Center in Beijing recently compared a closed environment for the IAAF Race Walking Challenge Final men and women $ 30,000 in prize money between men and women, the 3 million people participated in a time span of 5 hours or more "city in love "tournaments only 20,000 first prize, it seems that some of it is shabby.

Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration Tianguanzhongxin king David said, "The 2010 Beijing International Marathon prize money amount is $ 205,000." This is actually not easy to pay also includes the Beijing-breaking record-breaking marathon best performance award more than 80,000 U.S. dollars. King David told reporters when interviewed admitted, "the prize of the international well-known marathon runner less attractive, such as the London Marathon to the most outstanding female marathon runner Zhou Chunxiu out of the appearance fees for up to 20 million dollars." Considerable The total prize money in the amount of Beijing Marathon. This is London, a female athlete out of the appearance fees, all the London Marathon can be seen how high operating expenses.

King David recognized currently in the country has nearly 20 marathons, while the Beijing marathon in prize money even in the country is not the highest, but he said: "should not reward amount to blind competition, the Beijing marathon prize amount should be, and China match the economic development, can not suddenly come up with so much money to operate, we're paying like to receive good results, such as the award in time, we established a higher bonus, that is, athletes want to run a good result. Top 50 athletes in the world for so many around the world more than 2,000 marathon, supply and demand is always only so much. The participating athletes only 2 to 3 year marathon. so even if we make great efforts to invite people to , not necessarily a good result. "

Furthermore David the king also said that Beijing International Marathon and the IAAF Race Walking Challenge, and now another major medal event in Beijing - the net difference, Race Walking Challenge prize money is provided by the IAAF championship prize money a year, the networks are organized by the International Tennis Federation events, international organizations responsible for investment are given bonuses, while the Beijing marathon was held in China's own brand of race, need to take into account the balance of payments.

But from 1986 and 1988 referred children and Abebe ran out of Jade Raymond 2 hours and 7 minutes and 35 seconds after the best performance in Beijing Marathon, Beijing International Marathon 22 years have been difficult to attract high-level athletes to come to an indisputable fact is . 2010 Beijing Marathon did not break the marathon world best set bonus. King David admitted: "Considering the strength of the athletes to come, we do not set up the prize money. But we are also inviting a high level athletes trying to do some work, such as this year we also invited the Tokyo Marathon champion and Rome Marathon champion to come, they also have appearance fees. And in the women's marathon, the Beijing Marathon has been in the international results are very good. "Unfortunately, the Beijing International Marathon, Women's achievements are running out of domestic players , and is the best athlete "friendship star" at the same time the results of the marathon national championship.

In the Octagon, who took over this year's event from the host city of the Olympic road race (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Managing Director Sun Liping Sports Management, referring to money, they also acknowledged that: "Beijing marathon is indeed a bonus a little something in the future prize money and appearance fees, there will be a corresponding increase. Currently, Beijing attaches great importance to the marathon next year, our cooperation will be some changes, the Beijing Municipal Sports Administration will be more involved in, and the number of entries in the capital will also There are some changes. "(Zhou Chao)


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