Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To you

I would venture to guess there is not a parent alive who did not,at one time or another depending on the situation, say to one kiddo or another, "I can't wait until you have your own children. Then you'll see!"

When my children were very young one of those times was the annual visit to Santa Claus at G Fox, which not only included a lot of excitement but the annual tear-filled meltdown as they were hoisted onto Santa's lap for the annual picture.

I received this photo from my oldest yesterday of his three daughters, including poor Amelia who clearly was not happy about the situation. I could not help but smile because we have a very similar one of her dad, my son (circa 1972) crying his eyes out as the Jolly Old Elf tried his best to at least get the sobbing to stop long enough for a decent picture.

To all of you with children and family, hold them close and enjoy lots of smiles during the holidays. Time goes by too fast.

And Merry Christmas to readers and best of 2011 to you all. I have appreciated your support, comments, criticism and wonderful stories and good deeds.

P.S. The picture of all the happy kiddos with Claus? Some of my grandchildren who were more than happy to grin during an outing with Nana to Hartford Stage!


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