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Monday, February 28, 2011

Battle of Az Zawiyah

Battle of Az Zawiyah
Part of 2011 Libyan uprising
DateFebruary 24 -
LocationAz Zawiyah, Libya
Libya Anti-Gaddafi forcesLibya Pro-Gaddafi forces
6 tanks, several anti-aircraft guns
Casualties and losses
24 killed10 killed
11 captured
  The Battle of Az Zawiyah is a conflict between army units and militiamen loyal to Muammar Gaddafi against Anti-Gaddafi forces.
It began on February 24, when Libyan troops (under Gaddafi) attacked a mosque where protesters were holding an anti-government sit-in. Gaddafi's forces opened fire with automatic weapons and hit the minaret with an anti-aircraft gun. After the attack, thousands of people rallied in Martyrs' Square by the mosque shouting “Leave! Leave!”. On the same day, Anti-Gaddafi forces repelled the attack on the city. 
On February 26, government forces opened fire on anti-government protesters and Egyptian migrant workers. By this point, most of the city is under rebel control however, security forces controlled surrounding areas and had set up checkpoints on the outskirts. In addition, some government militia and security forces were still present in the city and at least one tank was seen.
On February 28, government troops conducted a counter-attack against the city with 200 soldiers coming in from the east, supported by snipers, tanks and artillery. 10 soldiers were killed in the street fighting.


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