Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cnet.com Just Covers .Co & Juan Calle: There Are 1.3 Million .Co Domains Registered

The Story entitled: “CO Internet is a company cool enough for Brooklyn hipsters” was written by Paul Sloan who has written about the domain name industry before.
The article starts out:
“Suddenly, the outfit behind the .co domain is everywhere, even if many people barely notice. It’s all part of Juan Diego Calle’s shrewd strategy”.
“”If you haven’t heard of Juan Diego Calle’s company quite yet, consider yourself not among the in-the-know here over the last few days.
“I’m referring to .CO Internet, the Miami company that fought hard to land a contract with the government of Colombia so it could commercialize the country’s top-level-domain, or TLD.”"
The article goes on to say:
“Since .Co’s rolled out to the public in July 2010, about 1.3 million have been registered. ”
“”Diego Calle said the company’s revenue for the past 12 months is about $25 million, which is an impressive number when you consider he the names have only been available since for a year and half.”
Its a great article for .Co which is certainly making a huge splash at the SXSW Show.

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