Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One of the Year's Three Biggest ccTLD Sales Tops Another Strong Week for the Domain Aftermarket

This week's all extension Top 20 Domain Sales Chart, sweeping 18 of the 20 positions, but all of those trailed the German ccTLD that sits on top of the elite list. That is OnlineCasinos.de, a domain that changed hands for €65,000 ($85,150) at Sedo.com. That is the year's third highest country code sale, trailing only Saturn.pl ($189,930) and Flights.ca ($120,000).
The only other non .com domain on the leader board was also a ccTLD (and also sold by Sedo). That is #10 (tie) Hotel. me at $25,000. Thenon .com gTLDs were shut out this time around. 
The .coms began their run with #2 Torc.com at $68,000 via Frank Schilling's DomainNameSales.com. They had a hand in seven charted sales, three from their own listings and four more that wereDomainAdvisors.com names that were sold using the DomainNameSales platform. The later group was led by #3 Quantify.com at $50,000 and #4 (tie) JunkRemoval.com at 

Sedo rounded out the first five with #4 (tie) Kredittkort.com at $45,000 and went on to pile up a half dozen chart entries including four that reached the top half of the chart. 
Two other venues, GoDaddyAuctions and NoktaDomains also claimed multiple chart entries. Nokta hit the daily double with #6 Club Dresses.com at $38,750 and #17 Diyaliz.com("dialysis" in Turkish) at $16,400.  GodaddyAuctions filled four slots with a quartet led by #9FromRagsToRiches.com at $26,000. 
The AfternicDLS also earned chart honors with #20 CityCompass.com at $13,654 and supplemented that one with two more five-figure sales just off the chart and close to 100 in the four-figure range -  more than any other venue at that level which is favored by small to medium sized businesses. 


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