Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton has a job in mind for her husband

Hillary Clinton finds herself campaigning in Kentucky after Donald
Trump has already clinched the Republican presidential nomination, and as she fights to end Bernie Sanders’ 19 state winning streak in a state that last voted for a Democratic president when her husband narrowly won the state during his reelection bid, her campaign is attempting a delicate balancing act to win over skeptical progressives while promising a return to a more moderate Clinton economic agenda.

“Hillary Clinton is considering a running mate who could make a direct appeal to supporters of Bernie Sanders, bridging a generational and political divide,” USA Today reported Monday:

Clinton’s chief requirements include a candidate’s resume and a fighter capable of hand-to-hand combat with Trump. The campaign’s vetting also prioritizes demographics over someone from a key swing state as she seeks to unify the Democratic voting base, said the individuals coordinating with the campaign, who were not authorized to speak on the record about early deliberations.

This matters to the extent that Hillary Clinton, hoping to win tomorrow’s primary, is likely hoping to piggyback on her husband’s popularity among Kentucky Dems by talking up an economic role for Bill Clinton on her team.

That said, Hillary Clinton, if elected, will have a White House Council of Economic Advisers, a Treasury secretary, and a small army of economists to help guide her policies. If Bill Clinton is “in charge of revitalizing the economy,” does Hillary Clinton envision him playing the role of chairing the Council of Economic Advisers? Or some kind of equivalent position?

Perhaps it was just an off-hand comment yesterday. Hillary Clinton is no doubt aware of the fact that many Americans consider the 1990s an economic boom period, and it’s likely she’s hoping to capitalize on those memories by touting a policy role for her husband in the future. That would certainly make political sense.

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