Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If Hillary wins 2016, what should we call Bill?

The prospect of Hillary Rodham Clinton entering the White House as the
45th President of the United States raises the intriguing question: what will they call Bill? Since Eleanor Roosevelt’s day, the president’s wife has had the official title, First Lady, with her own team, working in the Office of the First Lady.

Unofficially, the title goes back further. Martha Washington, wife of George, was called the First Lady. So, in a sense, the title is as old as the American Constitution. But, say what you will about Bill Clinton, he ain’t no lady.

He has an eye for the ladies, of course, so calling him the First Lady’s Man would be apt and descriptive, but President Hillary might not like it. When Australia was governed by a woman for the first time, they called Julia Gillard’s partner the First Bloke, but that is not very American. Perhaps First Gentleman would fit the Bill.

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