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Saturday, September 25, 2010

On the Set of Law & Order: Los Angeles

Law & Order: Los Angeles,
While visiting the new Law & Order: Los Angeles set, Christopher Misiano (Executive Producer) and René Balcer (Executive Producer) gave Allie Is Wired a wonderful view of what this new series is about and how viewers will feel at home with each and every episode.

Even if you don’t live in the City of Angels, the realness that the cast and directors will bring to you, will keep you coming back for more.

The cast includes: Skeet Ulrich (Detective Rex Winters), Rachel Ticotin (Lieutenant Arleen Gonzales),Corey Stoll (Detective Tomas “T.J.” Jaruszalski), Alfred Molina (Deputy DA Ricardo Morales), Regina Hall (Deputy DA Evelyn Price), Terrence Howard (Deputy DA Jonah “Joe” Dekker), Peter Coyote (District Attorney Hardin) and Megan Boone (Deputy DA Lauren Stanton)

Executive Producer Christopher Misiano expresses that the original Law & Order “the mother ship” will be strongly felt within each episode. But, you will definitely see the upbeat pace the new cast has set.

Misiano describes the vibe and feel is like your local house band the “Red Hot chili Peppers.” It’s all set in a very comfortable environment and a lot of care was taken in creating each part of the set. Doing their best replicate some exact sites down to each nook and cranny.
Alfred Molina (Deputy DA Ricardo Morales), describes his character as a son of immigrants, in search of the “California promise”. Being an immigrant himself, he could relate to the character. Molina said his character was the first to go to college and graduate. Achieving his dreams of being successful. But, has a “chip on his shoulder because of his families hardships.” Molina took his characters role “close to heart” and enjoys working with the “family like” cast.
On the Set of Law & Order: Los Angeles - 2

Regina Hall (Deputy DA Evelyn Price) describes her role as challenging. She said that there was a “learning curve” for her, because this character is totally different than any she has portrayed in her career. Hall’s character is the distinction between law and justice. Also, acting as the active “conscious” of Molina’s character. Hall and Molina both expressed that they enjoy working together.
On the Set of Law & Order: Los Angeles - 1
Balcer explained that each episode will take place within various local Los Angeles neighborhoods: El Sereno, Hondo Field and Sylmar just to name a few. You will see the entire city base including some major landmarks. There will be episodes with cold cases, gangs and more issues that LAPD has to deal with on a daily basis. He and Misiano agree that the casting dynamic was very well done. Each actor chosen for each character definitely fit the part.

On the Set of Law & Order: Los Angeles - 3

You will also see a major difference in this series, as compared to other series’ Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit) etc. Law & Order: Los Angeles will concentrate in the fields of Robbery and Homicide. There will also be actual Police detectives and other law enforcement personnel cast. Giving the uniqueness that “LOLA” is branding itself to be.

Be sure to check out Law & Order: Los Angeles the exciting new series from Wolf Films and Universal Media Studios. Premiering on Wednesday, September 29th (10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on NBC.


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