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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vehicle breakdown facts,
A vehicle breakdown is the operational failure of a motor vehicle in such a way that the underlying problem prevents the vehicle from being operated at all, or impedes the vehicle's operation so much, that it is very difficult or nearly impossible, or dangerous to operate, or else at risk of causing further damage to the vehicle. Vehicle breakdowns can occur for a large number of reasons. Depending An Overheated Vauxhall Carlton stopped 
on Tottenham Court Road, London
on the nature of the problem, the vehicle may or may not need to be towed to an automobile repair shop.

Levels of breakdown

There are various levels of a vehicle's disability.

Total breakdown
A total breakdown is when the vehicle becomes totally immobile and cannot be driven even a short distance to reach a repair shop, thereby necessitating a tow. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including complete engine failure, which is commonly caused by not regularly getting the vehicle thoroughly inspected and maintained/repaired by a licensed mechanic. A breakdown can also occur from a dead starter motor or battery, although a dead battery may be able to be temporarily resolved with a jump start.
When a total breakdown occurs, the motorist may be able to have the service paid for by a roadside assistance plan. This may be available through an organization like the AAA, the vehicle's manufacturer, the vehicle insurance policy, or in some cases, another service the driver subscribes to, such as a mobile phone carrier.

Partial breakdown
In a partial breakdown, the vehicle may still be operable, but its operation may become more limited or more dangerous, or else its continued operation may contribute to further damage to the vehicle. Often, when this occurs, it may be possible to drive the vehicle to a garage, thereby avoiding a tow.
Some common causes of a partial breakdown include overheating, brake failure, or frequent stalling.
With other problems, the driver may be able to operate the vehicle seemingly normally for some time, but the vehicle will need an eventual repair. These include grinding brakes, rough idle (often caused by the need for a tune-up), or poor shock absorption. Many vehicle owners with personal economic difficulty or a busy schedule may wait longer than they should to get necessary repairs made to their vehicles, thereby increasing damage or else causing more danger.


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